A focus on creating outdoor space across our development projects

Insights 23rd April, 2020 in Europe

Whether it is pocket parks, terraces or roof gardens, opening up cities through outdoor space plays an important role in our development projects for The Olayan Group around the world.

In Paris, when 50 avenue Montaigne opens, it will be one of the rare office building in the city to benefit from more than 19,000 sq ft of outside space with a 5,700 sq ft garden and 13,300 sq ft of terraces. Meanwhile, our redevelopment project of Villa Matignon, a stand-alone Haussmann office building located on rue du Cirque, near the Élysée Palace, will see the creation of over 2,600 sq ft of outside space through terraces and a garden.

In London, at the northern end of The Knightsbridge Estate, a public courtyard is being created on Hooper’s Court outside the 66,000 sq ft office building, which will include its own terrace. A terrace will also be created as part of the new roof top restaurant as well as a private garden on Knightsbridge Gardens, which will form the centre piece around which 33 luxury rental apartments are being built.

Over in New York, where we are the co-manager on the re-development of 550 Madison Avenue, the existing enclosed public space will be expanded by 50% and transformed into a 21,600 sq ft open air public garden. This will create a welcoming oasis in the densely built streetscape and a place of respite for the tenants and community to enjoy. Moreover, this will be the first new public garden to be created in East Midtown for over 50 years.