Chelsfield Presents the “New North Point” Exhibition at Worfu – An Exploration of the Evolution of the District Through Graffiti Art

News 6th September, 2019 in Asia

Striving to make public art accessible in North Point and amplify the spirit of the community, Chelsfield have launched the “New North Point” exhibition at WORFU which features graffiti works from four renowned Hong Kong artists. The artists were invited by WORFU to explore North Point and express their creative interpretation of the district’s evolution. Their works are now on display at WORFU for all to see.

North Point illustrates a story of evolution, where the old and new come together in one distinct neighbourhood. From its humble beginnings as a remote suburb area a century ago, North Point became an important industrial district; home to the power plant that would provide energy to Hong Kong Island for much of the 20th century. Today, North Point is a frontier of urban re-gentrification, with clusters of residential-cum-commercial buildings and unique cultural sites. 

The “New North Point” exhibition at WORFU comes under the new WORFU Art Attack platform. Striving to promote public art in North Point and amplify the spirit of the community, WORFU Art Attack is now driving art events and collaborations with creatives, pioneers and likeminded organizations, as well as supporting local initiatives to make public art accessible to all.

The four acclaimed Hong Kong-based artists contributing to “New North Point” are SINIC, Devil, JAMS and Lousy Jon; together with students from Shine Skills Centre of Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI).

Everyone in Hong Kong is invited to come and see “New North Point” at WORFU.