Chelsfield Presents the “Merry-Go-Round” Exhibition at Worfu – A Celebration of Intertwining Ethnicities, Cultures and Generations

News 17th February, 2020 in Asia

In our continuous effort to make public art accessible Chelsfield have launched an engaging community exhibition at WORFU. Titled  “Merry-Go-Round, (氹氹轉 菊花園)”. The exhibition is a celebration of the spirit of the multi cultural and demographic community of North Point which is being based on from one generation to the next.

North Point, known as “the small Hong Kong”, is a vibrant high-density community with a wide diversity of ethnicities and cultures, living and working in the mixed-used urban landscape. The commercial buildings, residences, and shopping centers have been lived and worked in by many passing generations who have been an integral part of the urban development.

The indoor exhibition hopes to generate a dialogue between Kai-Fong (Hong Kong welfare association), neighbours, visitors and passersby to engage for a moment  with these pieces of art with families and friends, and start a conversation on the past and the future before stepping out of the mall and on getting with life.

The artists contributing are Cheung Tsz Hin, Lau Yin Kan, Debe Sham, Milo Tse, Peggy Chan, Price Chu Yiu Wai and Samson Cheung Choi Sang.

Come and see “Merry-Go-Round” at WORFU – on display from 15 February 2020 onwards.