Beyond the buildings: community improvements through public realm

Insights July 7th 2021 in Europe

At Chelsfield, we believe that being a responsible and successful developer often means our work stretches beyond the buildings themselves. Improvements to the public realm bring real benefits to those who live, work and visit the area, and this attention to detail also adds value to the assets.

At The Knightsbridge Estate in London, where we are asset and development manager for owner The Olayan Group, strategic improvements to the public realm and infrastructure will have a major impact on the residents of Knightsbridge as well as its visitors.

The pavement along Brompton Road is being widened to create a better and safer experience for pedestrians. Further along this main thoroughfare, the entrance to the underground station is being relocated further west along Brompton Road. This will not only provide those using the tube with a modern new entrance but also enables The Estate to create a seamless retail frontage at the corner of Brompton Road and Sloane Street, where the old station entrance used to be.

Other improvements to the public realm can also have a transformative effect. For example, in Hooper’s Court, in front of the new 67,000 sq ft Grade A office building that is part of the redevelopment, an unused yard is being landscaped to create a pocket garden with upgraded lighting and a botanical living wall for the benefit of the residents and the neighbourhood. Not only does this activate a neglected cut-through, providing a pleasant place to rest, but also improves the pedestrian flow between Brompton Road and Basil Street.

Furthermore, Hooper’s Court will see the introduction of a new step free access to Knightsbridge underground station, supporting the Mayor of London’s pledge to add 30 more step-free stations to the tube network by 2022.

Committing to making these improvements across The Estate not only enhances the experience for everyone, but ensures value creation for the asset.