May 2020


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Chelsfield Asia seeks to acquire attractively priced, under-managed and poorly utilised assets to generate above benchmark, risk-adjusted returns through repositioning the assets and delivering hands-on management.

Our competitive advantage

  • 1A performing team
    1 A performing team

    One of the longest-standing and performing real estate teams in Asia. A group of highly qualified and experienced individuals.

  • 2An extensive expertise
    2 An extensive expertise

    Chelsfield Asia builds on the Chelsfield group’s property expertise, which the company and its senior members have accumulated over more than 30 years through the development and asset management of prime retail, state-of-the-art offices, luxury apartments, hotels and leisure assets.

  • 3A unique access to deals
    3 A unique access to deals

    An extensive deal-sourcing network of deep and long-standing relationships which provides access to unique and private deals.

    The senior team had previously invested in 58 assets of which most of the deals were sourced off market and through private treaties.

  • 4A passion for design
    4 A passion for design

    Architecture and design are at the core of Chelsfield’s values with the belief that they are key components to adding value to properties. Chelsfield is passionate about exploring innovative design concepts and extend this same spirit to everything it does.

  • 5Strong risk management
    5 Strong risk management

    Chelsfield’s approach is based on a coordinated, complete and holistic top-down approach to risk management, identifying and evaluating risks right from project appraisal to devising and monitoring implementation.

  • 6Excellent corporate governance
    6 Excellent corporate governance

    Chelsfield is committed to exceptional corporate governance policies and practices which are fundamental to the long-term success and prosperity of the business. Two independent Non-Executive Directors have been appointed by Chelsfield Asia for better transparency and accountability.